Shokat Lal, Derby Muslim Forum chairman, told Sky News that many people in his area were deeply suspicious about what the money was actually for.


Muslims are offended at this policy
Muslims are offended at this policy

He said: “There has been a number of people from within the Muslim community who have gone round telling people that this money is all about community-led intelligence – spying on your own community, rather than actually about doing something positive and constructive.

“If you keep on treating people as perpetrators or keep on accusing them of doing something that they’re not involved in, sooner or later that perpetrator mentality will start to stick.  SKY NEWS

“If you see something, say something.”

Britain’s umteenth new anti-terrorism plan calls for 60,000 UK citizens to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior by Muslims. Of course the Muslims are enraged that they are the targets of such scrutiny. So Gordon Brown decided to include many ‘moderate’ Muslims in his posse.

HAH! So Gordie, you’re going to have the fox guarding the henhouse. I see.


Of course the liberals are out in force now that British police have asked Londoners to report “odd-looking” photographers and houses with “unusual activity”.

Despite massive criticism for infringing on civil liberties last time, the Metropolitan Police is now going further, asking residents to rummage through wheelie bins and report anyone who dares glance at a CCTV camera.

STUPID LIBERAL David Murakami Wood is a university lecturer and researcher specialised in the impact of surveillance systems on society. This campaign is supposedly encouraging people to report their suspicions on terrorist activity, but is in fact just another step on the illiberal, socially divisive and stupid road towards a McCarthyite Britain, where British people are expected to spy on each other in the name of security.

Apart from encouraging people to rifle through their neighbours’ garbage, the most disturbing thing about this new campaign is the way in which it implies that any interest in CCTV cameras is a potentially terrorist activity. … Effectively, we are being officially instructed to ignore the cameras and pretend we don’t see them. Rather than being a legitimate political response to a repressive, undemocratic and unaccountable growth in surveillance, ‘interest’ in CCTV is now regarded as suspicious in itself.

This is particularly problematic for researchers like me. We’ll see what happens when I am back in London in May and June, when I will be taking a lot of pictures of CCTV as part of my project, which is of course, ironically, sponsored by an official British state research council.”


Video Of Taliban Terror Training Camps In Pakistan

Sky News has obtained new video of Taliban training camps and the murder of Pakistani security forces. This report contains evidence of extreme violence and shows video of the moments immediately before death.

Maybe THESE are the ‘moderate’ Taliban that Obama wants to negotiate with?

See video here: Taliban brutality


Hey, at least the British are not afraid to call a terrorist a terrorist, unlike our Homeland Security Secretary who has made the word ‘terrorism’ politically incorrect.


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