Boston Globe  Tsarnaev, 21, had been convicted last month in US District Court in Boston of 17 charges that carried the possibility of the death penalty.

The sentence handed down by the seven-woman, five-man jury came at the end of a lengthy, high-profile trial. Tsarnaev, who had taken a sharp turn from hopeful immigrant college student to radical jihadist, also was convicted for murdering an MIT police officer.

Federal prosecutors said Tsarnaev was a remorseless self-radicalized terrorist who had participated in the bombing to make a political statement. 

Defense attorneys, seeking to save Tsarnaev’s life, portrayed him as the puppy dog-like follower of his troubled, violence-prone older brother, Tamerlan, who became obsessed with waging jihad and died several days after the bombing in a firefight with police.

Tsarnaev was convicted of 30 charges, including 17 that carried a possible death penalty.

Isn’t it a shame that an ignorant U.S. attorney had to soil this decision by implying that Islam had nothing to do with this Islamic terrorist attack: