Chicago Sun Times  Tahera Ahmad, an associate chaplain and director of interfaith engagement, relayed the incident on Facebook while she was on the flight Friday night. She told her followers she was in tears following the exchange, which prompted a passenger to swear at her and also make anti-Muslim remarks.

Ahmad wears the supremacist head covering forced on Muslim women by Islamofascists.


Ahmad told the Sun-Times she had been spat on and had her hijab ripped off in previous Islamophobic encounters. But she said the flight attendant’s behavior was especially demeaning, because she was “publicly targeted as a threat to people.” (She IS!) “That is very horrible feeling,” said Ahmad, who was raised in Morton Grove.

Ahmad said she was traveling to Washington D.C. to attend a conference that brings Israeli and Palestinian youth together “to promote peace and dialogue.” (Yeah, that’ll be the day) 

As of noon Saturday, Ahmad said she had not been contacted by United representatives.