BELGIUM: Bleeding heart leftist woman arrested for harboring illegal alien Muslim invaders in her home

Accused of human smuggling, this stupid Belgian woman should consider herself lucky if she wasn’t raped by the Sudanese Muslim freeloaders she was hiding in her home.

Belgian citizens who provide shelter or assistance to unregistered migrants face the prospect of arrest and charges for organized immigration crimes and people smuggling. Dounia Depoorter spent 24 hours in solitary confinement for taking in two illegal alien migrant wannabes.

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  1. How can you be so sure she WASN’T raped by the migrants? The leftists in Europe have a habit of getting raped and then grovelling to their attackers and begging forgiveness. Its a sick, twisted form of virtue signalling that is more addicting to them than any drug. She could be beheaded and her last thought would be how guilty she feels at making the peaceful religion of Islam look bad by being one of their (many) victims.

  2. Pity they didnt beat her up, rape her and steal her stuff. Remembr that UK woman who took in a “asylum seeker?

  3. I have no sound on my desktop, so I couldn’t listen to her blather, but this crazy deluded idiot probably viewed herself as some kind of heroine, like citizens who risked their own lives to hide Jews during the Holocaust. Well, here are two facts that prove she is indeed deluded:

    1. The Jews fleeing the Holocaust were innocent citizens fleeing real genocide.
    2. The Jews were displaced from their own countries, whereas these illegal aliens can safely return to their own sandpits, where they can play killing games to their hearts’ content.

    This fool is aiding and abetting the enemy. She deserves jail.

    • Its amazing the leftwing scum still pretend Muslims are some sort of victim. Every news program pretends Muslims are an oppressed minority. Trash like this woman lap it up (… and I reckon its not the only thing she’s been lapping up with these two young men of colour around …).

      Across the Middle East and Africa Muslims are involved in wars and genocide, but they are the perpetrators. In Sudan, its Muslims killing Christians but we have to pretend its Muslims that are refugees. Same with Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Iran … you name it.

      Bob Tax-Dodger Geldorf made his name raising money for the starving in Ethiopia in the 80s. What everyone fails to mention is that the starving in Ethiopia were Christians being starved by their own government, and unfortunately the $140 million raised all went to said government so they could carrying on killing Christians. The Ethiopian government didn’t let one cent cross from its territory into the refugee camps.

    • I’m fairly certain the Jews (at least those on top of their bloody pyramid) played ordinary non-Communist Jews in their tribe right into those Nazi Work Camps! Funny, Wall Street Bankster Jews built factories all across the Reich, because they knew IG Farban, Ford truck assembly plant etc,,, built at Auschwitz were totally protected from Allied bombing campaigns. All their profits protected right across the border in German speaking Swiss Banksters. Why Jewish Bankster criminals love globalism; money laundries exist in every UN country with a Bankster controlled Central Bank!
      All total; the best, most accurate estimate of Jews killed in the famine/disease associated with Nazi Work Camps deaths at the end of WW Two was 500,000. Most of the remainder of Holocaust victims were Catholics; priests & nuns were actually targeted by the Jews for their faith. Ibid, just like the Jews of the Bankster class used nuclear bombs on the two largest Christian cities in Japan; Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Just as today, more Christians are martyred every year than all other religions combined.

      • Hey Mike, did you fantasize that little story out of your own twisted mind or have you been cutting and pasting propaganda from some of the many Jew-hating websites?

        Surprised you didn’t bring up how the Jews did 9/11, too.

        • He is one of the goats that Jesus warned us about in the Parable of the Sheep and Goats in Matthew 25. I’d watch him if I were you.

  4. If you want to build a nation, you use a man. If you want to destroy a nation, you use a woman. It isn’t a coincidence that Abraham through which the nation of Israel was descended was a man.

      • Israel was almost named Judah when reformed in 1948. The same Judah who was the 4th son of Jacob aka Israel. That’s enough proof for me that the inhabitants of Israel are genuine Jews.

    • Try looking it up in either French or Dutch: the two principal peoples of Belgium are the Walloons (they speak a French dialect) and the Flemings (Flemish, like Afrikaans, is a variant from Dutch).

      [There is a third group in the extreme east of the country, ethnic Germans who speak their native language; however, they form only 1% of the total.]

  5. Why would she take in two young Sudanese guys? Was she having free sex with them? Just a thought, maybe.

  6. I would been willing to bypass punishment for these types, but they must be removed from the country along with the critters they housed. And certainly not ever being allowed back into the country. ‘Help’ begins at home – not breaking the law like illegal aliens who broke the law to be with.