1. The countless *random* security checks

2. The self-imposed rules to avoid “trouble”

3. The shunning of the Arabic language

4. The anxiety when a “remotely Muslim” sound comes out of your phone

5. The pre-flight precautions are never ending

6. The questions asked … to which you have no answer

7. The tedious scanning process that starts with a machine and ends with a human

8. The conscious choice of words

9. The dress choices

10. The battling of “eye contact”

11. The unfortunate attempt to look “not Muslim” as much as possible

12. “Dress white, make your flight. Dress brown, don’t leave town”

13. The moment when they “accidentally” cancel your reservation

14. The worst of them all

Designated Terrorist Group CAIR rep gives you tips for suing the airlines when you’re Flying While Muslim. Instead of Tips on Flying While Muslim, she needs to offer tips on Flying While Butt-Ugly.